Registration Guide

Step 1: Preread

Please make sure that you read the Call for applications before you register for the Master’s program.

Step 2: Prepare qualification documents to be uploaded:

Documentation that you meet the admission requirements:

Application Documents:

Further documents needed for the application:

Note that for candidates with a qualification awarded abroad, the ‘declaration of value’ and the alternative document should be awarded. → Look at the Art.3 of ‘Call for admission’.

For non-EU citizens, please check here if you need a visa. If you do, please complete your enrolment on the Universitaly portal, contacting the Master’s Administration Office.

Step 3: Application fee

After uploading all the relevant documents, you will be asked to pay the application fee of 35€ by the enrolment deadline.

Step 4: Enrolment

The ranking list of those admitted to the Master’s course will be published on the Master’s Admission Office’s website. To successfully enrol, please go to REVERSED_AREA for the missing steps and pay for the enrolment fee.