Admission Requirements

  • Biotechnology L-2; 1
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering L-7; 8
  • Information Engineering L-8; 9
  • Industrial Engineering L-9; 10
  • Economics and Business Management L-18; 17
  • Administration and Organization Sciences L-16
  • Administrative Sciences 19
  • Biological Sciences L-13; 12
  • Chemical Sciences and Technology L-27; 21
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology L-29; 24
  • Mathematical Sciences L-35; 32
  • Computer Science L-31; 26 L-41
  • Statistics Statistical Sciences 37
  • Nursing and Midwifery Health Professions L/SNT1; SNT1
  • Rehabilitation Health Professions L/SNT2; SNT2
  • Health Professions Techniques L/SNT3; SNT3
  • Health Professions of Prevention L/SNT4; SNT4

  1. degree obtained under the previous regulations in:
    • Biotechnology Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Information Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Biological Sciences
    • Administrative Sciences
    • Economics and Business Management
    • Chemical Sciences and Technology
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology
    • Computer Science and Technology
    • Mathematical Sciences
    • Statistical Sciences
    • Medicine and Surgery

The maximum number of enrolled students is 35.
The minimum number of students to activate the course is 20.

The Master program Evaluation Board may also evaluate whether there are conditions to expand the above quota of number of students.

In case the number of applicants is higher than the maximum number foreseen, a Commission composed by the Coordinator and by two professors of the Master will make a selection and will formulate a merit list, expressed in hundredths, determined on the basis of the following evaluation criteria:

Up to a maximum of 15 points for the degree grade (this is intended to refer to the access title), distributed as follows:

  • equal to 110/110 cum laude 15 points
  • equal to 110/110 12 points
  • between 108/110 and 109/110 9 points
  • between 105/110 and 107/110 7 points
  • between 99/110 and 104/110 5 points
  • Vote less than 99/110 0 points

Up to a maximum of 15 points for publications and any other postgraduate qualification relevant to the themes of the master’s degree, divided as follows

  • 5 points for PhD ;
  • 5 points for specialization diploma and/or University Master’s degree and/or Master’s degree (excluding the degree in Medicine and Surgery).
  • 5 points for specialization diploma and/or University Master’s degree and/or Master’s degree (with the exception of the degree in Medicine and Surgery LM41,46/S) obtained in related topics;
  • 5 points maximum for scientific publications related to the themes of the master (evaluated by the number and scientific impact).

Up to a maximum of 10 points for professional experience related to the topics of the master, which will be evaluated as follows:

  • 10 points if greater than 2 years - 5 points if between 1 and 2 years
  • 2 points if less than 1 year Up to a maximum of 10 points for the letter of reference, which will be evaluated as follows:
  • 5 points awarded to the relevance to the xAIM master’s degree topics of the research topics/experience professional experience of the reference person
  • 5 points assigned to the relevance of the referee’s institution in reference to the themes of the xAIM master’s degree.

The candidate will be admitted to the interview with a score of 35 or higher.

The interview has a maximum value of 50 points and is aimed at assessing the motivation and knowledge of English.
It is considered passed with a minimum score of 30.
In the event of a tie, the candidate with the youngest age bracket prevails.
In the event of the withdrawal of one or more candidates, the places made available will be made available according to the merit list, until the places are exhausted.