Frequently asked questions

The Master’s length is 1 year and a half (2250 hours). The course is organized as a mix of:

  • frontal teaching;
  • hands-on exercises;
  • internship (to be carried out remotely or in presence based on the agreements that are made with the host institutions)

The Master’s corresponds to 90 ECTS.

The registration fee equals € 2,500 per student and includes:

  • secretarial fee of € 142.00
  • stamp duty (paid virtually on the matriculation application) of € 16.00

Students who successfully graduate at the end of the Master’s programme will have the possibility to ask for a grant to obtain a (partial) refund of the Master’s fee.

The following administrative fees are charged to each student:

  • admission fee to the public selection equals € 35 to be paid concurrently with the online registration;
  • graduation fee (including stamp duty) of € 116 to be paid concurrently with the graduation application.

The first semester starts on February 2023 and ends in May 2023.

The second semester starts on October 2023 and ends in December 2023.

There is an assessment of learning for each course through an intermediate test and/or a final test. According to the type of course delivered, these tests can be of different kinds (e.g., multiple-choice tests, reports, or project works) at the professors' discretion.

To complete the degree, a student is expected to finish a 450-hour internship in the third semester, from January 2024 until April 2024. In this period, the students are also expected to write their theses.

The final exam will consist of a thesis defence related to a project carried out under the supervision of a teacher of the Master’s on the topics addressed during the courses, both during the practical exercises and the internship.

April 2024 (exact date TBC).

The University of Pavia will award the Master’s degree. At the end of the Master’s, students who have carried out all the activities and complied with the required obligations, after passing the final exam (defence of the thesis), will be awarded the 1st Level Master Degree in “eXplainable Artificial Intelligence in healthcare Management (xAIM)”.

From a minimum of 20 up to 35 students.

This is not possible since attendance is compulsory for at least 75% of the total amount of hours. The learning period cannot be suspended. No transfer to other Masters is allowed.

The application for the first intake (January 2023) opens in Spring 2022. The following documents will be required to apply to the call:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Scientific publications (if any);
  • Reference letter.

The Call for Application is OPEN!