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eXplainable Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Management

A new Online Interdisciplinary Master’s Program at the Intersection of AI and Health Care awarded by the University of Pavia.

Start of the Program: February 2024
Expected Graduation: April 2025

What will you learn?

  • Role and applications of AI techniques in the healthcare sector
  • Opportunities and challenges of the data-driven approach in a medical environment
  • Analyze and interpret complex datasets from the healthcare sector, and communicate them to the stakeholders
  • Understanding and facing ethical and social implications of AI and new technologies
  • New programming skills for your future (deep learning, text mining, computer vision and more)

xAIM in short:

  • The master's program consists of 3 semesters.
  • During the first 2 semesters, students will attend 3 compulsory courses in each and a selection of electives.
  • 80% of the teaching content is delivered through asynchronous teaching methods, such as video lectures, 20% is delivered through interactive sessions.
  • Required level of participation: 75%. Hence, it is a programme suitable for participants who are working while attending the xAIM master.
  • The 3rd semester is dedicated to writing the master's thesis.
  • The language of instruction is English.
  • The individual courses are covered by the faculties of the participating universities.
  • Tuition fees 4.900€
  • Max number of students per year: 35

xAIM call

Learn from the experts:

the courses are designed to provide a cutting-edge education to the students, giving them the tools to navigate the new reality of AI in Healthcare. Our program focuses on state-of-the-art AI techniques, identifying current and possible future AI applications. xAIM curriculum is practical and hands-on, emphasizing AI applications' ethical and social implications.

The call for application will open in July! Tuition fees: 4.900 EUR.


Are you considering applying to the xAIM Master?

Please fill in our preliminary questionnaire to contact us: we would like to know more about you and your interests. We can also provide you with personalized consultancy for your master's application.


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Giuseppe D'Ancona, MD, PhD

Chief of the Clinical Research Unit in Cardiovascular Disease, Senior Attending in Cardiology; Founder & Chair MAB, Neoolife, Inc.
Berlin, Germany and Pittsburgh, PA, USA

"The eXplainable Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Management (xAIM) master is unique in its structure because it offers a series of exciting and innovative aspects, at different levels, for different professionals. The Master's has been built using a multidisciplinary approach that includes more European academic entities and professionals with different backgrounds. The multidisciplinarity allows more aspects of AI/Digitalization/Management in healthcare. "


prof. dr. Andrej J. Zwitter

Dean - Faculty Campus Fryslân; Professor of Governance and Innovation, University of Groningen
the Netherlands

"The xAIM Master's program fills a crucial gap in the education field. It provides a future-oriented curriculum and prepares the students for upcoming challenges in the market place."