Evaluation and Selection

A special Commission deals with the procedure for evaluating and selecting candidates, this procedure is divided into two phases:

  1. Evaluation of qualifications and skills of candidates according to the Evaluation Criteria listed below, for a maximum score of 50/100. Candidates who pass this first phase, obtaining a minimum score of at least 35/50 will be invited to attend an interview with the Commission.
  2. Interview with the Commission to assess the candidate’s actual skills and to ascertain knowledge of the English language. Maximum score 50/100.

At the end of the procedure, the candidates with the highest scores will be able to enroll in the Master. A detailed breakdown of the points can be found in the official documents.

Evaluation Criteria

Up to a maximum of 15 points for the degree grade (this is intended to refer to the access title), distributed as follows (link):

For more information on how to translate your grades, please refer to these links: http://internationalactivities.unipv.it/double-degree/partnership/, http://internationalactivities.unipv.it/erasmus/ects-tables/

Up to a maximum of 15 points for publications and any other postgraduate qualification relevant to the topics of the master’s degree, divided as follows

Up to a maximum of 10 points for professional experience related to the topics of the master, which will be evaluated as follows:

Up to a maximum of 10 points for the letter of reference, which will be evaluated as follows:

NOTE: In the event of a tie, the younger candidate will be preferred. Should an applicant withdraw, his/her place will be offered to the next applicant, according to the points until all places are taken.