Professor Roberto V. Zicari gave a Guest Lecture on Trustworthy AI at the Seoul National University Law School

  • Dennis Vetter
  • Apr 06, 2022

Professor Roberto V. Zicari was invited to give a guest lecture by Professor Heo, Seongwook, Professor of Law at the Seoul National University Law School.

Professor Zicari introduced to his law students:

  1. the EU Framework for Trustworthy AI,

  2. our research work on assessing Trustworthy AI, and

  3. the EU AI Act.

Trustworthy AI is one of the key teaching modules of the upcoming new master program on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Management.

The English presentation starts at minute 28 (before it is in Korean). You can watch it here.


eXplainable Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Management is a new Interdisciplinary Master’s Program at the Intersection of AI and Health Care.

The consortium led by the University of Pavia receives funding from the European Commission program for “Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom” designed to offer co-financing to stimulate and support the spread of European Digital Service Infrastructures (DSI) in various sectors, including the design and implementation of specialized master’s programs in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The project’s objectives are:

  • establish a specific master’s program dedicated to the use of explainable AI in healthcare, in order to promote the development of highly qualified professionals to address the lack of highly specialized digital skills in AI;
  • to develop a network of similar programs at European level, to progressively launch a joint master in “Digital Health Management”.

The project is coordinated by Professor Maria Chiara Demartini, co-coordinated by Professor Paola Cerchiello, while the coordination of the Scientific Committee is attributed to Professor Paolo Giudici. Professor Riccardo Bellazzi coordinates the Group of Experts of AI in Healthcare. Doctor Valentina Beretta is the Teaching Manager of the project.

The consortium is composed of the University of Pavia, Goethe University (D), Keele University (UK), Leibniz University Hannover (D) and University of Ljubljana (SL).

The overall grant is 1,664,557 euros.

For more information check the homepage at, the FAQ, or follow us on LinkedIn